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So many people start the year in the same manner, glass of bubbly in hand, friends or family around them and the resolve to do things differently this year.  We do this because despite the year that’s just past most likely having had it’s highs (as well as it’s lows), we want “this year” to be the best yet.  Nothing wrong with this, but a few days later those resolutions and promises are often forgotten or broken.  This year I tweeted out a handful of resolutions, I thought it might be interesting to look back to what I wrote just 18 days ago and review where I’m at with them:

New Year Resolution #1: Spend more time with friends and family

I became a bit of a hermit in 2010.  I don’t know why but I spent so much less time out with friends and visiting family than I normally would.  I’m a social person, so it’s not in my nature to withdraw myself.  I’m pleased to report that I’ve managed to keep this resolution so far.  Any time we’ve had, we’ve been able to make sure we’ve made the most of it – I’ve even plotted out a few trips to see far away friends to spend time with them later in the year.

New Year Resolution #2: Blog more often

Sadly, I think I have to chalk this one up as a failure.  Whilst I’ve got a few posts in draft, this is actually only the second article I’ve published this year.  I had hoped to be posting a minimum of one post a week and for a teeny moment I did consider getting involved in WordPress’ blog a day.  I didn’t simply because I felt I’d be writing content for the sake of writing it and there’d end up with a complete lack of any form of quality.  Are you finding you’re writing more, less or about the same amount of posts as you’d planned to this year so far?

New Year Resolution #3: Drink more water, eat less crap (ha ha)

Other than on a couple of occasions I’ve been drinking loads – of the hydrating kind!  I’ve stayed off alcohol other than one night out (and I regretted that!).  I’ve mixed feelings about the eating less crap comment.  I usually eat relatively well with the odd meal being terrible for me.  Portion control has always been my issue and it’s something I’m still working on.  I’m no heffa, but I still need to slim down and tone up.

New Year Resolution #4: Get a job that doesn’t make me miserable most days.

I’ve not updated my CV however I have been regularly reviewing the job sites and making sure my options are covered.  I’ve taken the time to have a long meeting with my manager so I could express my concerns and dis-satisfaction with my current working environment / role.  I’ve even had a meeting with the person in charge of our entire workforce in my current location so that they are aware of me, my aspirations and goals.  There are some interesting projects coming up this year, so I’m thinking things will hopefully improve.

New Year Resolution #6: Start podcasting

Okay, so I messed up and didn’t have a #5, I skipped straight to #6.  I’ve done nothing about setting myself up as a podcaster yet.  To be fair, I think this is a long term aspiration for this year.  Right now I haven’t had the time to research into what’s required.  Let’s be realistic, it’s not possible to achieve all resolutions within the first month of having set goals – this is a long term thing and I’d like to think I’m on my way to at least achieving most of what I laid out rather than having unrealistic expectations of what I can achieve.  It’ll be interesting to come back to this subject later in the year and re-review.

How are your own resolutions and goals for the year progressing?  Well, or a complete disaster?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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