Google have long provided Apple with their “Maps” content on the iOS platform. If you’ve read around then you’ll be aware that the blogsphere has been awash with rumour for some time that Apple were either looking to develop their own in-house solution, or partner with a new provider. The wraps are finally off of the new iOS 6 beta, and as demonstrated at WWDC 2012, we now know that Apple’s new iOS mapping is essential TomTom provided but reskinned to Apple’s requirements.

It’s quite a compelling upgrade to the Maps application, which Google’s version famously crashed for Steve Jobs at prior WWDC presentations. The new Maps app boasts 3D views, turn by turn navigation, and full integration with Siri! I’m looking forward to making use of it despite concerns regarding data connections – perhaps I’ll finally be able to bin my now three-year old (and aging) physical TomTom satnav.

What do you think? Good move by Apple to ditch Google or will you will the old service?

Photo credit: brendanlim (Flickr)

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