Tom Tom map upgrades are a complete rip off

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I bought my Tom Tom Go whilst on holiday early last year.  Previously, I’d had Tom Tom on a PDA although it had been problematic and I’d never got around to updating the map.  Since it’s really easy to manage the newer Tom Tom devices and I’ve had the device a little over a year, I decided I’d look at upgrading my map.

I connected my device to my PC, opened Tom Tom “Home” and selected the relevant screen for map upgrades.  Once I got to the checkout screen I was horrified to see how much Tom Tom were trying to rip me off.  According to them, my current map was two years old.  Rather than be charged what I’d expected, £18.95 for a new map, Tom Tom wanted to bill me for the current map as well as the map from the year before; therefore making the bill a little under £40.

If I go to a store and buy a road atlas, I am not charged a price that includes the price of the year before’s road atlas.  I pay for the current map.  If I go to buy a new Tom Tom device in two years time, are they going to charge me a price that reflects the cost of the hardware and all map updates since they started to make devices?  No.  So why do they feel it’s acceptable to try to rip me off in this manner for an upgrade.

Annoyed and frustrated I quit the upgrade process and left it as it was.  My Dad owns another Tom Tom (same model) and was also looking at upgrading his.  Whilst both my Dad and I were prepared to pay the £18.95 each to get our map update, we aren’t prepared to collectively hand over nearly £80 to Tom Tom.  A pricing structure such as this is unreasonable and in my mind only discourages people from upgrading regularly.  I am almost certain it encourages people to look at alternative methods of upgrade such as pirated editions of the map.

Shame on you Tom Tom.  I used to think you were a respectable company.

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