How to: Toggle Apple Watch between Miles and Kilometres

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Kilometres (or kilometers depending on which version of English you use!) aren’t the distance measurement of choice for many citizens of this fair world. As a Brit I’m used to miles. Sure, it’s a throwback to days gone by, and despite the simplicity of the metric system, we just aren’t ready to let go of the imperial measurements for distance and weight!

When you start to use the activity tracking features of an Apple Watch, you’re probably going to want to swap the kilometres for miles. It’s not obvious how to do this, so lets step through it together.

On your Apple Watch, open the Activity App:

Home screen

Tap “Outdoor Walk” (or any of the other listed activities)

Selection screen

Swipe across until you get to the distance screen:

In kilometres

Press firmly on the screen (to engage force touch) and select miles:

Flip between Miles and Kilometres

That’s it, you’re done. See…

Showing miles

Repeat the process if you fancy being all metric.

Featured image credit: Hiné Mizushima (Flickr) Creative Commons

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