How will Apple respond to the new jailbreaking process?

I can’t help but smirk at the actions of those that have chosen to intentionally jailbreak devices in Apple’s retail outlets; however at the same time I do have a morsel of compassion for Apple since not everyone wants to jailbreak their device.


Why do mobile networks charge so much for the iPhone?

The day before the iPhone 4 was launched I had a very insightful conversation with a member of the Vodafone UK web relations team. Whilst his call was to offer me an iPhone 4 pre-order (despite a proper facility not existing) we had a lengthy chat about various topics including jailbreaking and the costs involved in iPhone ownership.


iPhone 4 pre-order shenanigans

iPhone 4 pre-order

Yesterday, the world woke up and in their droves attempted to pre-order the new iPhone. The net result was Apple pulled the sale from their on-line store due to demand exceeding web provisions.


The evolution of mobile tariffs?

The modern day “monkey see, monkey want” mentality means people want to upgrade as soon as possible but the complexity of the handsets means their cost to supply is still increasing.


How to: Use Twitter to get better customer service

Customer Services Rep

Customer service, pretty much the number one key factor for any business, but so often just the words displayed on a sign above a shop counter where you typically go to get refunds or exchanges.