How to: Fix Ubuntu repository error when running apt-get update

Ubuntu 14 LTS terminal error

I look after several Ubuntu servers. A couple of them recently threw up an error whilst I was running routine repository updates. In my specific situation, after running apt-get update I received the following message on my terminal: An error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files… Read more »


How to: Fix iOS not updating applications

iOS Updates

  There are occasions where our (mostly) perfect portable Apple iDevices (yes, I’m still using that term!) don’t quite work as we, or Apple, intended. One such instance is where a device gets it’s App Store credentials in a pickle. I’m guessing you’ve landed here as a result of searching Google (other search engines are… Read more »


Siri overhauled and coming to the iPad

One of the key elements of Apple’s WWDC keynote was making a big deal about the improvements made to Siri. We’ll look at those improvements in a moment but not before we’ve touched on the delicious news that Apple will make Siri available to the iPad in iOS 6.


iTunes 10.3.1 released (Jailbreak safe) [UPDATED]

Apple has released iTunes 10.3.1. It isn’t yet known if it’s jailbreak safe so if you rely on that jailbreak you’re advised to stay away for the time being. If you aren’t worried about a jailbreak then grab it now.