Siri overhauled and coming to the iPad

One of the key elements of Apple’s WWDC keynote was making a big deal about the improvements made to Siri. We’ll look at those improvements in a moment but not before we’ve touched on the delicious news that Apple will make Siri available to the iPad in iOS 6.


Mountain Lion Developer Preview Version 4 Released

The MacBook refresh and iOS 6 were hot topics at this year’s WWDC keynote event however news also came of OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview 4 being made available to the Mac Developer Community. Similar to the iOS 6 Beta 1 release unless you are a registered developer you won’t be able to download and install the latest beta software legitimately.


10,000 tweets: A look back across the journey

On a journey (thumbnail)

On a rare visit to the standard website I noticed I was fast approaching the 10,000 tweets milestone. Seeing that figure got me thinking about my own personal Twitter journey, and what better way to do that but in a blog post?!?


How to: Use Twitter to get better customer service

Customer Services Rep

Customer service, pretty much the number one key factor for any business, but so often just the words displayed on a sign above a shop counter where you typically go to get refunds or exchanges.


10 WordPress plugins you might not know about


I’d prefer to tell you about some lesser known plugins that I feel deserve their own top 10 for their awesomeness. I hope you’ll both agree and find something useful to your own site whilst reading.


Working with antiquated resources

Quill and paper

The building within which I work is owned by the company I work for. It is the only office space they own – the rest are leased (for our other locations). The building originally used to be owned by one of our clients with a temporary extension (think huge portakabin) that’s been in situe for at least twice it’s intended lifespan.


My iPhone is an extension of my being

iPhone docked

Whatever the magic is, the iPhone has oodles of it. I have had this phone for nearly 18 months, and I am still just as excited about it as I was when I first had it, and I’m excited for the future of it too.