How to: Add a iCloud Drive shortcut to the OS X dock

Retro OS X dock

When iCloud Drive first came out I was frustrated by Apple stopping me from creating a shortcut to the path on my OS X dock. I dropped a tweet out knowing I’ve some developers amongst my Twitter followers and sure enough a solution prevailed. I want to create a shortcut to iCloud Drive on my… Read more »


How to: Fix OS X Dock randomly moving between screens

The Mac OS dock is a thing of beauty. It’s look and feel have been recreated on various other devices, even as a tool (Rocketdock) for Windows.

Under OS X Mavericks I recently found a minor frustration with the dock though. It appeared to randomly keep switching which of my two monitors it would call home.

I couldn’t put my finger as to why, nor could I find a way to re-create the problem. It just happened and the only way I found to put it back where I wanted it was to reboot.


How to: Fix Error 36 on Mac OS X when accessing Windows 7 shares


Macs are getting ever more popular. This year Apple have taken a big chunk of the PC market but given the rise of multiple devices in homes catering for either multiple users or to provide media centres with content, people are hanging on to their PCs to act as file servers or repositories. The newer OS X releases are thankfully able to read and write to Windows Operating Systems via the SMB protocol but it can often be a painful experience getting things to work reliably.


Mountain Lion Developer Preview Version 4 Released

The MacBook refresh and iOS 6 were hot topics at this year’s WWDC keynote event however news also came of OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview 4 being made available to the Mac Developer Community. Similar to the iOS 6 Beta 1 release unless you are a registered developer you won’t be able to download and install the latest beta software legitimately.


OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion System Requirements

Every time Apple roll out a new version of Mac OS X they revise the system requirements. It will therefore come as no surprise that some machines are getting cut from the list of compatible Macs. Obviously, the newer the Mac the less chance there is of being excluded.


How to: Take a screenshot in Mac OS X

Sometimes the simplest of things need an answer and this is one such occasion. Long term Windows users arrive on Mac OS and wonder, “Where’s the Print Screen button” or “How do I take a screenshot?”.


How to: Create an OS X Lion Boot Disk

Lion has no physical media and is a download from the Mac App Store, we need a way to create our own bootable media; thankfully it’s a straightforward process.


My expectations of WWDC 2011 (Updated)

In less than a couple of hours Steve Jobs will stand before a packed room and deliver to many of the world’s journalists, bloggers and fan boys (oh and the odd developer too) this year’s WWDC keynote speech. The Internet is awash of expectation, rumour and idle chatterings about what we can expect to be revealed.