How to: Set up your Mac as wireless hotspot

There are times when we want to share our Internet connection with other devices. Thankfully there’s a really quick and simple way to share your Mac’s Internet connection with other devices using the Mac’s built in components.


How to: Reset a Jawbone Bluetooth headset for pairing to a new device

Jawbone Headset

The Jawbone series hands-free headsets can be paired to a number of devices; however if, like me, you end up working your way through quite a few devices you may well find yourself in a situation where your Jawbone refuses to enter the pairing mode (red and white flashing LED).


The evolution of mobile tariffs?

The modern day “monkey see, monkey want” mentality means people want to upgrade as soon as possible but the complexity of the handsets means their cost to supply is still increasing.


How to: Secure your World of Warcraft account

Mobile authenticator

You love to play World of Warcraft, but one day you go to log in but you can’t get in. For some reason your password just doesn’t work. Your WoW friends report you’ve been a bit weird lately, perhaps you’ve been ninja’ing stuff from the Guild Vault or been rude in guild chat? You’ve been hacked.


How to fix: Outlook cannot turn off the reminder errors

Each time I’d open Outlook I’d see any reminders. One of my reminders, when I clicked to dismiss it would generate the following error message: “Cannot turn off the reminder. You may be reminded again. Cannot locate recurrence information for this appointment.”