How to: Fix Ubuntu repository error when running apt-get update

Ubuntu 14 LTS terminal error

I look after several Ubuntu servers. A couple of them recently threw up an error whilst I was running routine repository updates. In my specific situation, after running apt-get update I received the following message on my terminal: An error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files… Read more »


How to: Fix Error 36 on Mac OS X when accessing Windows 7 shares


Macs are getting ever more popular. This year Apple have taken a big chunk of the PC market but given the rise of multiple devices in homes catering for either multiple users or to provide media centres with content, people are hanging on to their PCs to act as file servers or repositories. The newer OS X releases are thankfully able to read and write to Windows Operating Systems via the SMB protocol but it can often be a painful experience getting things to work reliably.


JailbreakMe bug: iPad Camera connection kit (FIXED)

Comex, the man behind JailbreakMe and the latest iOS userland jailbreak, let the jailbreak community know yesterday that there’s a known problem with the iPad Camera Connection kit when JailbreakMe has been used to jailbreak an iOS device.


How to fix iTunes error 3014 when upgrading iPhone firmware

Contrary to many of the guides and articles we post on this site, this isn’t one to do with jailbreaking your iPhone! It stems from our experiences of helping a work colleague get their iPhone back up and running after it got stuck applying an iOS version update.