How to: Add a iCloud Drive shortcut to the OS X dock

Retro OS X dock

When iCloud Drive first came out I was frustrated by Apple stopping me from creating a shortcut to the path on my OS X dock. I dropped a tweet out knowing I’ve some developers amongst my Twitter followers and sure enough a solution prevailed. I want to create a shortcut to iCloud Drive on my… Read more »


How to: Fix OS X Dock randomly moving between screens

The Mac OS dock is a thing of beauty. It’s look and feel have been recreated on various other devices, even as a tool (Rocketdock) for Windows.

Under OS X Mavericks I recently found a minor frustration with the dock though. It appeared to randomly keep switching which of my two monitors it would call home.

I couldn’t put my finger as to why, nor could I find a way to re-create the problem. It just happened and the only way I found to put it back where I wanted it was to reboot.