Remembering the first time (iPhone apps)

Whilst hovering my finger over my folder filled springboard I suddenly thought, “What was the first iPhone application I installed?” which was quickly followed up with, “What was the first iPhone application I paid for?”


iPhone App Review: Quick Taxi

Black cab

Quick Taxi is one of those apps you should keep on your iPhone for those times where you’re out and about and quickly need to grab a cab but don’t want to fork out oodles of cash ringing directory enquiry services.


How to: Secure your World of Warcraft account

Mobile authenticator

You love to play World of Warcraft, but one day you go to log in but you can’t get in. For some reason your password just doesn’t work. Your WoW friends report you’ve been a bit weird lately, perhaps you’ve been ninja’ing stuff from the Guild Vault or been rude in guild chat? You’ve been hacked.