Photo credit: Alexander Smolianitski (Flickr)

If, like me, you find it frustrating when you fire up your trust Mac that you’re forced to wait for SkyPE to open then you’ll be pleased to know you can prevent SkyPE from starting on system startup.  Sadly, the option to do so isn’t tucked under a handy SkyPE menu option like the Windows counterpart. To stop SkyPE auto starting on your Mac OS install:

  1. Open the System Preference
  2. Select Accounts
  3. Click on your user account
  4. Choose Login Items
  5. Find SkyPE in the list
  6. Highlight Skype and then click on the ‘minus’ symbol beneath the list

Doing this will basically remove SkyPE from the startup items so it doesn’t load. An upgrade of, or re-installation of SkyPE will put this setting back in again.

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