SteamPhoto credit: lydiaisthebombdig (Flickr)

You’ve fired up Steam on your Mac and you get a pop up message telling you that, “Steam Needs to be Online to Update”. You click ok, the message goes away but Steam closes. Annoying isn’t it? Thankfully there’s a simple fix:

  • Browse to <user>/Library/Application Support/Steam
  • Delete the file registry.vdf
  • Open Steam – it should now work.

Enjoy your gaming once more.


For those unable to see the path, here’s a screenshot from my Mac of my path:

Click the image it to see it bigger!


If you’ve installed Mac OS X Lion then Apple have kindly hidden your Library folder.

Open terminal (under Utilities) and run the following command:

chflags nohidden ~/Library

If you now browse to your user folder you’ll find the library folder is visible again.

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