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Apple are incrediably effective at raising their profile and marketing their products.  By clever leaks, they build anticipation and an air of mysteriousness that they refuse to comment on therefore drawing even more attention to their product launches throughout each year.  Earlier this year we saw a key note speech introducing us to the idea of the iPad.  A new range of MacBooks are expected to be launched in the very near future, but for most (myself included), the fourth generation iPhone is the most hotly anticipated device.

Prior to these product launches a great deal of speculation can be found across the Internet.  It comes as no surprise that everyone and their dog have an opinion about what the next generation iPhone should include in it’s feature set.  The below video could be a fake, but it equally could be a leaked ‘iPhone HD’ commercial that we’re due to see on our screens in the coming months.

I don’t know about you but the first time I saw that video I had two emotions:

  1. I was really excited
  2. I was a little worried

Let me delve into those two emotions a little further:


  • larger screen
  • clearer screen
  • more springboard icons per page
  • is that a flash next to the camera lens on the rear?
  • front facing camera
  • video calling


  • grey?
  • larger handset
  • bowed shape might sit in hand better, but doesn’t look attractive
  • no obvious physical home button

Now whilst nothing is confirmed so we have to take this with a big bag of salt and then some; from what we can see, I’d really love the ability to make and recieve video calls since my Wife has to work away from time to time and our toddler son is better at chatting on a phone when he can see the person he’s talking to since he tends to nod a lot or wave not realising he can’t be seen.  Also, calling the device ‘iPhone HD’ lends one to believe that the screen will be very high quality and a joy to use.  I can probably cope with a slightly larger handset in my pocket, but if it’s a lot bigger than previous models I’m going to struggle to carry it around with me unless I either get a man-bag or become one of those people who wears a mobile phone holster off my belt!  (Not going to happen!)  I have no idea why Apple have gone with a grey base colour either – it’s far from the attactive gloss black or shiny white we’re used to seeing.  Don’t get me started on the bowed shaped – it goes away from smooth curves to a harsher cut leaving me feeling like Apple either couldn’t be arsed with the finish or they’re trying to do what some car manufacturers toy with from time to time, i.e. bold and far from the norm styling.

There are the things that we can’t see that make up my wish list for the refreshed iPhone:

  • Vastly improved battery life
  • A much larger memory capacity (lets face it RAM is very cheap!)
  • Larger storage capacity
  • Ability to toggle components on/off quickly without jailbreaking
  • Nokia style status bar notifications for missed calls, emails, text messages etc
  • Wireless chip capable of more than a/b/g. I really want to use n!
  • Five column dock
  • Ability to use SMS tones other than the pre-installed ones

From that list the first two are absolutely essential.  I’ve had my current iPhone (the 3G model) for 12 months.  In the past four weeks the battery life has dramatically reduced.  I get, on average, 5 hours usage before needing to plug in!  Previously I’d get 7-8 hours.  Now I admit I’m a very heavy user and the chances are I’ve worn out the battery, but even before before it’s decline the battery life was disappointing.  The iPad is claimed to be able to run for 10 hours usage on a single charge (which is brilliant for a tablet device) – let’s hope the iPhone can be be revolutionised, or at the very least take advantage of new fast charge technologies to limit time spent hooked up to the mains.

Many people talk about the desire to background applications in the same manner as having your iPod playing whilst browsing the web.  I’ve yet to find a personal need for this beyond wanting SkyPE and Trillian to be running in the background permantly, so this isn’t a must have feature since I can appreciate the strain it could cause on the device.

What are the key features you’d like to see, and do you think the above video is real or the production of fan with too much time on their hands?

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