How to: Make SkyPE calls over 3G on your iPhone

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SkyPE has been around for a number of years. I’ve been a user of their services for many of these. Initially using their SkyPE to SkyPE services and later a number of other products. Early adoption meant I had to endure low quality calls and often laggy services. After a while you did get used to having to work out when was a good point to start speaking due to delays; however I’m pleased to say that those issues have pretty much been ironed out. All told, this post isn’t to detail all of the different services available from SkyPE, nor is it a sales pitch or recommendation for them – it’s simply a “how to” guide for how to save money and make SkyPE calls (on your iPhone) using 3G services when no wireless network is available.

You might ask, “How is this possible?” and, “I thought the iPhone didn’t allow you to use SkyPE unless you were on a wireless network?” Out of the box, this is totally true; however if you enter the wonderful world of jailbreaking and free your iPhone of Apple’s restrictive measures, there’s a couple of excellent programs that will enable you to trick your iPhone into thinking it’s connected to a wireless network and forcing all data communication over your operator’s 3G network instead.  (And in some cases using Edge too!)


This was the first application I used in order to unrestrict my iPhone so I could make calls using SkyPE over 3G.  It was very much an install and forget it application; however I wanted more from my unrestriction, for example App Store and iTunes being able to use 3G when grabbing content over 10Mb.  It was reliable and most importantly free, but it didn’t offer me exactly what I was looking for so I moved on to:

3G Unrestrictor

Available on the Cydia store for the low price of $2 is 3G Unrestrictor.  It’s a simple but very effective product that allows you to choose which of your installed applications you’d like to unrestrict.

When the application is initially installed, don’t be fooled into thinking this is a set and forget application.  It’s a premium version of VoIPover3G and requires some additional configuration.  If you open the product, you’ll see a similar screen to the one above; however no applications will be listed.  Simply tap edit and then start to add applications you want to unrestrict.  Once they are added, you’re done.  You’ll be able to use SkyPE or in fact any other application that normally requires a wireless network over 3G or Edge services.

Please bear in mind that many mobile carriers have a restriction on how much data transfer is acceptable.  Breach this and you are likely to receive a hefty bill.  It’s easy to toggle the service if required and when on a wireless network, your data transfer will default to wifi rather than your mobile network.

Finally, if your operator manages to work out you are circumnavigating the lock down that they will have co-ordinated with Apple, you should note that you’ve done this at your own risk and we take no responsibility for introducing you to this very convenient technology.

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