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It’s time to take last place on the net in a new direction. Sam and I haven’t been posting to the site over the last few years. This has been for a number of reasons:

  • Our day jobs changed significantly
  • Family growth (I had a second child)
  • Neither of us have been using jailbroken iPhones

Whilst the last place on the net was never a specifically Apple Technology site, most of the content we shared here has been Apple related. Having recently caught up in person, we’ve confirmed we do both have an appetite for writing – we’d like to broaden our content and you should look forward to additional topics creeping in such as:

  • HP Microservers for home users (Hardware tips etc)
  • Setting up and managing home media streaming services
  • Ubuntu server for home use
  • Generic technology commentary, e.g. Sonos, Virtualisation, Gaming advances etc
  • Playstation / Xbox related items
  • Application reviews / recommendations based on our personal experiences (GTD, Fitness etc)
  • WordPress
  • Self hosting web-site tips / tuning etc

We haven’t yet decided if we will apply a new look to the site; the current theme is a few years old, and whist it still looks relatively clean and modern, we’d like to take advantage of how WordPress has evolved as our theme code is now pre-historic by comparison.

We’re on the waiting list for Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News. Fingers crossed we’ll get acceptance sooner rather than later so we can make sure our content is adapted for those ever-increasing platforms. (In time, I will probably write some guides for how to get WordPress to play nicely with them too).


Sam and Rob

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