One of the key elements of Apple’s WWDC keynote was making a big deal about the improvements made to Siri. We’ll look at those improvements in a moment but not before we’ve touched on the delicious news that Apple will make Siri available to the iPad in iOS 6.

Apple were, as usual for an iOS announcement, ambiguous with regards to “iPad”. Whilst the new iPad (aka the iPad 3) will be capable of running Siri, it hasn’t yet been determined whether or not the iPad 2 will also be able to enjoy Siri functionality.

What’s new with Siri?

  • It can launch applications
  • It integrates with Rotten Tomatoes for Movie reviews and information
  • It’s linked to OpenTable so you can make dinner reservations and view menus
  • Sports fans can rejoice (other than UK Football being referred as “Soccer”) at the wealth of sports data available
  • More languages are now supported
  • Twitter and Facebook integration – tweet / update with Siri
  • “Eyes Free” – Siri will be able to link to in-car systems with various makes of vehicle!

Are you pleased with the refresh coming? What appeals most to you?

Photo credit: Acarlos1000 (Flickr)

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