A satellite photo worth preserving: Frozen Britain January 2010

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I saw the below image (and an associated article over at Gizmodo), and was so impressed with the satellite image that I wanted to keep a copy for myself here on the about here blog (being a British citizen).  It’s of the UK completely frozen from top to bottom – we’re having the worst winter for over 100 years (in my region) and on the whole (for the UK) this is the worst snow fall since around 1963.

United Kingdom / Great Britain frozen

UK Twitter users have been avidly reporting on snow status, school closures and difficulties getting to and from work.  Our media is completely saturated with such stories and I’m more than confident it’s the number one talked about subject nationwide.

Predictions as of today (11th January, 2010) suggest that we are due snow until at least the end of next week on and off.  I really hope that I’ll be able to get the car out and get some relief from it all soon.  Supermarket deliveries are difficult and given I live in a remote town, we’re a little isolated when it comes to getting our roads cleared.  I’m just grateful of the fact I can work from home!

Thanks to @LewisBeechey for the Twitter status tipping me off to the source.

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