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It feels truly fantastic to be back in the saddle again.  What do I mean?  Well, I’ve been blogging for years and until very recently ran a relatively popular personal site called “the about here blog“.  Why did I stop blogging there? Put quite simply there was a small legal issue with regards to copyright of an image one of our friends had (for a short period of time) used on their site.  We had obtained the image from a site that claimed it was royalty free, but it has since transpired that this wasn’t the case and given the vast number of images we ourselves had on the about here blog, we decided that rather than risk potentially being in the same boat ourselves, we’d pull the site and replace all images with content we could guarantee to be 100% royalty free, documenting each image’s source as we went along.  A nice idea in theory, but there were literally hundreds of images to replace.  We turned this miserable situation into a positive one and took the opportunity to refresh, rebrand and redesign.  This site is the result of that process!  We give you a warm welcome to, and open the doors to, ‘the last place on the net‘.

Of course, we were deeply saddened to close the doors on the about here blog.  There were a great number of posts we were proud of and the guest posts we’d gratefully had written for us had to be committed to the same hole in the ground as our own work.  The reassuring news is that all that work hasn’t been lost – over the coming weeks we’ll be republishing content on this site so that it can live on and breathe once more.  We’ve got new content coming too and we’re eager to hear from you if there’s something you’d like to publish on our site too.  We are the same people, we’ve just got a new home with what we feel to be a clever play of words for the domain name.

So, come in, enjoy and please do tell us what you think of the new design!