The Retina MacBook Pro has been speculated ever since the new iPad was launched earlier this year. Tim Cook teased the audience at this year’s WWDC keynote when it put up refreshed specifications for the current MacBook Pro line and then suggested he needed to make room on the slide for something else. That something else was a new line of MacBook Pro’s which were hotly anticipated and pretty much guaranteed following Apple authorising “Retina ready” applications into the Mac App Store just a few days earlier.

The Retina MacBook Pros range are essentially the MacBook Pro completely redesigned. The promotional video is fantastic, with the biggest cheer from the whole WWDC event being given to Jony Ive talking about the fundamental change to the cooling system!

It’s a staggeringly brilliant feat of engineering and certainly had me wanting to reach for the plastic! With its Retina display, thin design, flash storage system, I/O system, faster memory and fantastic battery life, it draws from the MacBook Air whilst still being something else.

Retina Wallpaper from MacBook Pro (Retina)

Packed into that tiny shell is a quad core CPU (i5 or i7), up to 16GB of RAM, up to 768GB of flash storage and an NVIDIA GeForce GT 650m graphics chipset that will delight any gaming or high-end graphics user. Connectivity includes HDMI, USB3, Thunderbolt and the usual Magsafe power connector.

The entry model has priced at a level that it blows any other Ultrabook on the market out of the water. In fact, some might argue there isn’t a similar product in the marketplace to compare it against.

Will you be buying or is this something you’ll have to just drool over at your local store when you pass by?

Retina screenshot

Photo credit: blltz (Flickr)

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