How to: Reset a Jawbone Bluetooth headset for pairing to a new device

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The Jawbone series hands-free headsets can be paired to a number of devices; however if, like me, you end up working your way through quite a few devices you may well find yourself in a situation where your Jawbone refuses to enter the pairing mode (red and white flashing LED).  After much head scratching I followed the below process in order to fully reset my Jawbone, thus allowing me to pair with a new device.

Part 1: Resetting the Jawbone

  1. Press and hold down the Talk Button on the Jawbone.
  2. Connect the Jawbone to the USB charger cable. (The cable needs to be plugged into an active USB port or to an electrical outlet via the Wall Charger unit.)
  3. Release the Talk Button. (If the reset is successful, the LED Indicator Light should glow red.)
  4. Disconnect the Jawbone from the USB charger cable.

Note: Undertaking the above reset will make your Jawbone forget any existing pairing and therefore you will need to repair it with any devices you want to use it with.

Part 2: Pair the Jawbone with your phone

(I’ve used the iPhone as an example.  If you aren’t using an iPhone, follow your manufacturer’s instructions for how to access your mobile’s Bluetooth menus).

For the Original Jawbone, press and hold down the Noise Shield button for at least three seconds until the LED Indicator Light flashes red.

For the New Jawbone, (Jawbone II) press and hold down both the NoiseAssassinâ„¢ Button and the Talk Button for at least three seconds until the LED Indicator Light flashes red and white alternately.

  • From the iPhone Home screen, touch Settings.
  • Touch General.
  • Touch Bluetooth.
  • Turn Bluetooth on. (The iPhone will search for nearby Bluetooth devices.)
  • Touch Jawbone on the list.
  • Enter the PIN number “0000”.
  • Touch Connect.
  • The Jawbone should now be paired with the iPhone.

Photo credit: optikal. (Flickr)

  • Bubba 84120

    Thank you for this post!  It really helped me with my Jawbone II. 

    For my situation, it was necessary for me to know to make sure that the headset is powered on before holding down the NoiseAssassinâ„¢ Button and the Talk Button.

  • Rob

    Glad to have helped!

  • Nay_Ahmad

    I’m using a blackberry charger to charge my jawbone icon headset. Will this not work? Do I have to specifically have the USB charger?

  • Rob

    Just a charger

  • Bonsmara

    awesome thanks

  • Bex

    Thank you so much. Either the phone or the Blue Tooth was about to get thrown out the window:)

  • Jw

    I followed the instructions and it still won’t find the device and I’ve got the jawbone literally sitting next to my iPhone 4. It just says searching. HELP!!!!!! I’m getting fed up with this

  • Tizz

    Yay thank you! I successfully reset my jawbone!

  • Scott

    Thanks so much! I love my Jawbone headset and my iphone 4s and your instructions worked perfectly to help me reset it and successfully pair them! God Bless You!

  • Stanley Human

    Where do I get the pin number

  • Rob

    It’s four zeros.

  • Gerry

    Whoa! Big thanks! I did it instantly

  • Cliff Sexton

    I got a new jaw bone 2 and can’t get. The thing to power up at all it come on red then goes to white but when u take it off the charger the light goes off its brand new what do I do to be able to use it

  • April Apruzzese

    Omg thank you. I’ve spent days racking my brain on why it wouldn’t pair. the reset worked perfect

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  • Sam

    I have an Lg g3, and while it pairs with my jawbone icon, voice commands do not work. Help!!

  • Brian Koppenhaver

    Jawbone Original the center terminal where charger hooks up use metal end of ear piece hold for 3 seconds then press noise shield button in it will go into pairing mode

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