Photo credit: zamboni.andrea (Flickr)

I’ve been an iPhone owner for a little over two years now. My first device was an iPhone 3G, bought just weeks after the only operator carrying the handset (in the UK) started to sell non-contract devices but were still operator locked. My second and current device is the iPhone 4. Bought, on contract, the day the little beauties were launched, it’s still going strong. Sure, I had to get the 16Gb version since the 32Gb was sold out everywhere, and I do regret that a little, but I’m happy nonetheless. My screen is filled with folders and application icons; it’s often been commented how many I literally have. Whilst hovering my finger over my folder filled springboard I suddenly thought, “What was the first iPhone application I installed?” which was quickly followed up with, “What was the first iPhone application I paid for?

I racked my brains a short while before remembering it’s possible to go back through your iTunes purchase history; be it “free” purchases or those where the exchange of little pieces of virtual paper took place, every transaction is there for you viewing (and in some cases weeping considering how much I’ve spent!)

Looking back to my original thoughts: the first application I installed and the first application I bought were actually the one and same: Bejeweled Blitz for £1.79. The first free piece of software I installed was eBay and the first jailbreak application I installed was yell0wsn0w simply because I need to unlock my sim locked handset to other networks so I could use my existing carrier.

Do you remember you first application? What was it? And finally, if you had to start again now, what would be the first application you’d download and install upon a shiny new handset?

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