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I recently wrote about how we kicked some bad apples from our World of Warcraft guild. Like I said within that blog post, it’s never a nice experience for anyone involved. Before we removed the trouble causers we felt the guild would benefit from a few additional members. We’re a casual social guild and some of our other members were either taking less of a raid role than they previously had, or had decided to retire from the game. We’ve been happily plugging through ten man content, but were short on numbers for the heroic twenty-five man content. On our old realm (Silvermoon, EU) it was very easy to recruit because we were one of the better known guilds. Since our move to our new realm server (Chamber of Aspects, EU) at the end of last year, there are a lot more Horde players and making our guild stand out from the rest when we’re not hardcore is challenging.

There are a number of different ways to go about recruiting new people. Many of them I don’t agree with and some require more work on our part than others. I’ve been really happy with the people we’ve had apply to our guild recently and we’re almost at the point where we’re going to close of our recruitment once more. I believe we’ve got a good formula for recruiting so I thought I’d share how we’ve gone about things and note some thoughts about some of the other less preferential methods.

The Trade channel
I used to get really angry and frustrated by people who use the [2] Trade channel for anything other than trade related chat. Whatever server you go on, I am more than sure your story will be the same as the ones I’ve been on. The majority of trade channel chat is anything but trade related. From Chuck Norris spam to people wanting to know the daily heroic event, to people looking for additional raid/group members and finally guilds advertising for members.

We are very strict in our guild with regards to the use of the trade channel. If we see any of our members using it for anything other than it’s proper purpose we’ll take the individual to one side and explain it’s unacceptable. If they persist we offer one final warning and beyond that we remove them from our guild. We’ve never had to remove anyone yet for this. At the end of the day, they are wearing our guild tag and are representing us. There are more people annoyed with trade channel spam than there are involved in it, so we feel it best to keep the channel for it’s intended purpose and don’t regard guilds that do recruit on it very highly.

Recruitment addons
Some of our Officers have the addon, NazGuildRecruiter installed. This allows for a short message to be automatically published to the [1] General chat channel or [4] Guild Recruitment chat channel. The frequency at which it will be published can be altered between 15 and 120 minutes. You can choose which of two channels you publish to in case you don’t want to push to either one. Our message reads, “CoD are recruiting new faces to boost our raiding pool. We’re a social but raiding guild. Further details on or guild site or /w me pls

There are some people who immaturely respond with things like, “invite me pls!!!!!!!“; however we generally tell them what we tell anyone interested, that all applicants have to go to our web-site, read through what we’re about, register for a forum account and then make a written application using our template. The time wasters then usually shut up but the genuine parties tend to have a mature chat with us before going off and making their application.

Hanging out in major cities
One of our officers has had a great deal of success just hanging around in major cities looking out for un-guilded people who meet the criteria we’re looking to recruit. He simply engages in a friendly chat and then gets around to the subject of what we’re about and if they’d be interested in joining us. Often, the people he speaks to have recently left a guild they were unhappy with and just haven’t got around to researching a good new guild to go to. After answering any questions they might have the Officer in question usually refers them on to our site and we see applications from them too.

Official Blizzard Realm forum adverts
Our greatest recruitment successes come from posting advertisement posts on the World of Warcraft Official realm forums. A carefully worded advert detailing the basics of our guild and a little bit about our needs and our progression usually hooks in several applications per week. In most cases the desired applicants apply; however we do so the odd thrown together application which quickly gets rejected. We feel that if people aren’t prepared to put the time into a good application, the chances are they’ll treat team work for raiding with the same cavalier attitude.

Our current advert started as follows:

Champions of Draenor are looking to recruit some new faces to our social raiding guild.

We have no requirements for a minimum number of raids attended each week, instead our focus is to have a laugh whilst successfully clearing the end game content.

Applicants should be a minimum of 18 years old (our current average age is mid thirties). They should be happy to research boss encounters prior to raids therefore ensuring they’re prepared properly. They should be comfortable in an environment where members look out for and help one another. For us, the game is not about the loot.

Experience of end game raiding is essential. We’re looking to boost our raid pool numbers and have immediately available slots for 25 man content. (Due to some members moving on to a more hardcore guild and others retiring from the game).

Our current progress is:
Naxx 10, VoA 10, OS 10 Cleared
VoA 25 and OS 25 Cleared
Naxx 25 11/15
EoE 10 Making phase 3

We have a comprehensive guild forum located at If you’re interested in applying, then please follow the link, create and active a forum account, then complete our on-line application form in line with the guidance found within our guild handbook.


We have a different Officer either bump or update the starter thread every couple of days so it remains prominent on the realm forums. Once we achieve our desired take-in, we close the topic thanking all parties.

Recruit a friend
In most cases, the best people for the guild are direct referrals of the existing guild members. We keep our members posted with our desired needs and then ask them if they know anyone who they think would fit in. Once our members are over a certain rank we operate a “golden ticket” scheme. They can refer their real life friends to our guild and regardless of the current recruitment status, we’ll generally let them in (provided they still complete an application).

What works for you?
If you’ve another method for recruiting I’d be keen to hear it, so please post in the comments.

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