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There are loads of top lists you can thumb through for things you can install upon your jailbroken iOS device but most of them are invariably made up of some pretty huge applications which fundamentally change the structure of your devices. We felt it was high time someone wrote about some of the smaller and perhaps simpler apps that can make a big difference to your device without fundamentally changing it whilst including a few firm favourites.


AccountChanger (Free)

Adds an Accounts button to the Appstore app so you can quickly swap between iTunes accounts (should you have more than one).


AdBlocker (Paid)

Will block adverts in Safari and other applications. You have to select which apps you want to block ads in via application toggles.


biteSMS (Paid)

Complete SMS / iMessage replacement program. Looks beautiful and can be set to pop up new messages over the top of existing applications allowing you to answer them within a quick reply window rather than having to terminate your current application.


CallBar (Paid)

You’re in the middle of a game or have an application you don’t want closing by an incoming call, how do you avoid it? Install CallBar and have all your call functionality in a small drop down bar which is initiated when an incoming call occurs.


CleverPin (Paid)

Turns off the iPhone pin functionality whilst connected to named wireless networks. Ideal for disabling the security function in the sanctity of your own home but remaining secure elsewhere.


ContactPrivacy (Free)

Prompts you when applications want to access your contact list so you can agree or disagree on a case by case basis.


Cyntact (Paid)

Shows profile pictures in contact lists – enough said!


Five Icon Dock (Free)

Allows you to add another icon to the dock without it looking cluttered and jammed up.


Infinifolders (Paid)

Scroll through your folders and break that annoying 12 icon limit Apple set us.


KillBackground (Free)

There are various arguments about whether or not you should kill running applications sometimes out there. I’ve heard straight from the mouths of people at Apple arguments for and against the behaviour. If you want to do it then this tweak puts a quick toggle on the switcher for you to tap and kill everything.


My3G (Paid)

Trick iOS into thinking it’s on a wireless network when it’s really using your carrier data service. Will therefore facilitate things like Facetime and SkyPE etc over 3G.


MyWi 5 (Paid)

All new tethering system for iPhone. I found it insanely useful when abroad and having no carrier data without taking a second mortgage on my home. I was able to reshare a paid wireless access hotspot to my iPad and wife’s iPhone whilst paying just the one connection fee.


NoNewIsGoodNews (Free)

Hide the Newstand icon – simples!


NoSpot (Free)

Prevents Spotlight from appearing.


OpenNotifier (Free & Paid)

Assign status bar icons to any application. (Paid component provides an icon pack with loads more custom icons).


ProTube (Paid)

Complete YouTube replacement app with bundles of features, most importantly the ability to save content offline.


SBSettings (Free)

THE reason so many people jailbreak – quick access to toggles for various system settings such as WiFi, BlueTooth, Airplane mode, Data and more.


Shrink (Paid)

Reduce the size of icons, text and content to something more suited to your preferences.


Sparrow+ with Sparrow Push (Free)

Enables push notifications for the popular email replacement application for iPhone as well as the ability to set Sparrow as the default mail client for iOS.


StayOpened (Free)

Keeps the AppStore from closing when downloading / installing apps.


xCon (Free)

Some developers (Sky etc) block jailbroken iOS devices from accessing their services. xCon tricks them into thinking you aren’t jailbroken. Bring on the cat and mouse!


That’s it for the late spring edition of our recommended Cydia apps. Do you have any recommendations or suggestions? Let us know in the comments section below.

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