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When the 3.x iOS was current I wrote a round-up of my favourite jailbreak applications.  The release of iOS 4.x saw great improvements within our core iDevice operating system and in some cases included additional features which we used to jailbreak for and install as third party apps.  It’s time therefore, to once again conduct a review of what I feel are great applications you could well enjoy too.  Naturally, if there are any you feel I’ve missed off, please comment below and let me know.  Who knows, your response might be featured in an updated article at a later date!

$1.99 (free trial)

Whenever a new email arrives a handy pop out box appears from the lower corner of your iDevice.  At a glance you can see the sender, subject line and first part of the email.  You can clear the alert, wait for it to disappear (few seconds) or tap the alert to see the email in full.  If you choose to view the entire email then it is presented as an overlay to whatever application you are already in, therefore keeping the existing application open.

Elert PreviewElert preview

Elert full screenElert ovelay

Five icon dock

There’s a lot of space left around the icons that sit on our iDevice dock.  By installing this light and simple application you can add an additional icon to your dock.  You can see the extra icon in the screenshots above.

Five icon switcher

As with the Five Icon Dock, you might as well make better use of that screen real estate by having an additional icon present for when you want to look at your app switcher.  You can see an example here:

SwitcherFive icon switcher in action


One thing the native SMS client on the iPhone doesn’t provide a useful interface for is sending the same message to multiple recipients.  Sure, you can manually punch in a list of people each time you want to send a group message however if you need to send messages to the same group of people on a regular basis then you’ll be looking for something like GroupSMS.  You can define lists of people before simply tapping a group then entering your desired message.  The only downsides I’ve found to date are: 1) The sent message doesn’t appear in an individual’s history and 2) If the message fails to send to one or more recipients, there’s no way of resending to those parties


Folders were a great addition to iOS.  Sadly they had limitations in terms of how many apps could be stored under any given folder.  Infinifolders breaks those restrictions and allows you to add as many applications as you like to a folder.  Well worth it if you’ve oodles of apps and don’t want several folders of the same name.

$9.99 (free trial)

Apple don’t make any real use of the lockscreen.  Whilst it’s nice we can customise it to show different wallpaper to our springboard, there’s so much more can be done with this screen real estate.  IntelliScreen isn’t the cheapest of applications given it’s near $10 price tag, but it doesn’t just provide you with handy information on the lock screen, it adds icons to the status bar to indicate important notifications like missed calls, unread SMS, unread email etc.  These are elements of the Nokia UI I miss and wish Apple would implement as core functionality to iOS.

LockscreenUpdated Lockscreen (I blacked out private stuff!)

MyWi 4.0
$19.99 (3 day free trial)

iOS 4.3 will bring personal mobile hotspots, i.e. the ability to share your iDevice’s network carrier’s connection with up to 5 other devices.  I wrote about how most people probably won’t use this because tethered data is often charged for separately to included data.  MyWi provides this upcoming technology and doesn’t require iOS 4.3.  Furthermore, it masks your tethered connections so that your cellular provider thinks the data usage was that of the iPhone and not a tethered device.  Sure, it’s a pricey bit of software, but consider the charges for tethered data and you’ll make back the investment in a short period of time.


If you don’t use the spotlight search and find it’s very presence annoying, you can simply hide it by installed NoSpot. It does exactly what the title suggests.

Remove Background

Since iOS 4.2 and hard reset of your iDevice (press and hold the home and power buttons until the Apple logo is displayed) doesn’t clear any programs that you had open.  Instead you need to open your app switcher, press and hold your finger over an app until it wobbles and displays the cross and then manually close each open app you don’t want backgrounding.  Remove Background eliminates the need to do this.  Simply tap the application and it closes everything you’ve got open in the background.  There’s even an SBSettings toggle to accompany it.


Fed up with having to traverse deep into your iPhone settings to turn things like Bluetooth, 3G, WiFi, Airplane mode etc on or off?  SBSettings is sheer brilliance.  Swipe your finger across the top of the screen to open a handy set of toggles for all these and many more.  See the screenshot as an example:

SBSettingsSBSettings = simple toggles


If, like me, you leave your iDevice unlocked and on your desk all day because you pick it up and make use of it every 5-10 minutes then you won’t want your battery draining away because the screen is illuminated during those down periods.  ScreenDimmer simply turns off the backlight after a preset period of time but doesn’t lock your device.


The App Store we browse and use on the iDevice is very handy however each time you tell an app to install, the App Store closes.  There’s no need for this.  You might want to install another application or keep browsing the app store.  StayOpened stops the app store from closing thus solving the issue.  Your installing app will still download and install in the background with no noticeable performance hit.

$1.99 (Free trial)

Think of all of those occasions where you’ve been in a game or an application only to be presented with an SMS message.  You tap OK and sigh to yourself as the application or game you were in closes and your iPhone switches to the SMS application.  Annoying isn’t it?  Tlert, like Elert is a simple but effective app.  It displays incoming text messages at the top of your screen as an overlay to whatever you’ve already got open.  You can then respond without leaving your current app or game.  It even works when the iPhone is locked therefore allowing you to respond without unlocking your device.

TlertTlert (Standard view)

TlertTlert (Reply screen)

So there we have it.  My latest recommendations for jailbroken iOS apps.  Do you have any to share that I’ve missed?  Found any new ones from this list that you’ll be grabbing.  Please feel free to comment in the section below, and if you’ve enjoyed this article, please feel free to share it with others using the handy links below.

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