Coming togetherImage: Danilo Rizzuti /

I’ve had a blast getting the new site ready for today’s launch over this past week.  Personally I’m delighted to have been able to get the look and feel together in a manner which I don’t immediately want to change or tinker with.  I spent some time pre-launch explaining why we closed the doors on the “about here” blog and how this site came about.  I hope you can all understand the reasons given and will support our new venture just as much as you did our old site.

We’d love to hear from you all regarding the re-design and new site name.  We’re quite excited by this now being a separate venture rather than being an attachment of my personal web-site.  We’re going to be posting much of the same style of content as under our old guise, but with a few new things along the way too.  We’ll take any and all questions in the comments and do our best to answer them so ask away!