Server movePhoto credit: Manuel W. (Flickr)

If you can read this then it means your Internet Service Provider has caught up with the rest of the world!  ‘the last place on the net’ is now hosted on a brand spanking new server!  We’ve taken the plunge and decided that it’s high time we got our butts off of generic one-size-fits-all managed server and we’re now in complete control of our web server.

The site should be tonnes faster.  We’ve upgraded to the release candidate of WordPress 3 and we’ve got some lovely caching facilities ensuring the server stays nippy.  It’ll get even faster when we work out why the wonderful @donncha’s wordpress wp-super cache (development build) plugin keeps turning itself off.

Anyway, there’ll be a post in the next couple of days about the delights of an unmanaged web server, in the meantime, please feel free to tell us if the site is lovely and fast, or if it’s running like a dog.  PS, we’ll cry if it’s the latter!

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