JailbreakMe bug: iPad Camera connection kit (FIXED)

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Comex, the man behind JailbreakMe and the latest iOS userland jailbreak, tweeted out yesterday to let the jailbreak community know that there’s a known problem with the iPad Camera Connection kit when JailbreakMe has been used to jailbreak an iOS device.

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Comex later followed his tweet up with another, indicate he’s working on a fix for it. He’s been inundated with emails from lots of users (his words) and hasn’t really had the time to get through them. Hardly surprising when in the first day of it’s release, over a million hits were seen on JailbreakMe.com and 500,000 people had jailbroken devices!

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As of yet we’re not aware of the issue being resolved. Do you have a camera kit? What happens when you attempt to use the kit – please feel free to comment below.

UPDATE: (8th July)

Comex has tweeted to say that there should be an update available later today (UK time) to fix the issues with the camera connection kit. The update will be posted to Cydia (and we assume not be present on future jailbreaks).

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UPDATE: (11th July)

Fix has not been released by Comex as yet – he’s currently exhausted following REcon.

UPDATE (12th July)

The fix has now been released as an essential update to Cydia. To get the fix, simply open Cydia on your iPad, wait for it to refresh and you’ll get a pop up telling you an essential update is required. Install the update and your camera kit should work once more.

It is worth noting that you should NOT go back to JailbreakMe.com and attempt to jailbreak over the top of your jailbreak to resolve this. Saurik has tweeted as such:

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