AppleTV 2GPhoto credit: Michael @ NW Lens (Flickr)

We recently posted our guide  “How to: Jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 with greenpois0n (untethered)” which concentrated on iPhones (and the iTouch) however we felt it prevelent to have a seperate look at the process for jailbreaking your AppleTV 2nd Generation.

greenpois0n (currently in release candidate 6 stage) can be downloaded from Chronic’s site here. The toolset works on Windows and Mac OS thus far (Linux is still in the works). It allows you jailbreak your AppleTV as an untethered device.

  1. Download greenpois0n
  2. Ensure your AppleTV is running iOS 4.2.1
  3. Disconnect your AppleTV from it’s power source
  4. Connect your AppleTV to your computer via micro USB
  5. Close iTunes (if it’s open)
  6. Open greenpois0n
  7. Say “Yes” to the question asking if you’re about to jailbreak an AppleTV
  8. Click the “Jailbreak” button
  9. Quickly plug in the power cord then press and hold the MENU and PLAY/PAUSE buttons of your AppleTV remote for 7 seconds*
  10. You’ll see the jailbreak process commence on your computer screen, when it says it’s finished wait a further minute before disconnecting your USB cable and reconnecting to your HDMI cable (of your TV)
  11. Your AppleTV will have a new Cydia option where you can “Inject Software“. You need to select this and wait for it to do it’s thing.

*  Don’t worry if you don’t get it first or even second time, it’s quite forgiving and you can’t damage your device attempting to put it into such a mode. Patience and preparation are key. You might want to ask someone to help you out by plugging the power in for you.

That’s it – you’ve now successfully jailbroken your AppleTV and can do sexy things like install XBMC (we’ve a guide for that too!) upon it so you can finally enjoy 1080p content from your computer shares without media having to be part of iTunes.

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