iTunes 10.3.1 released (Jailbreak safe) [UPDATED]

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Apple has released iTunes 10.3.1. It isn’t yet known if it’s jailbreak safe so if you rely on that jailbreak you’re advised to stay away for the time being. If you aren’t worried about a jailbreak then grab it now.

It’s believed this release is to fix some syncing issues.

[Download link]

We’ll update this post when we know if it’s safe to use.


It’s safe to use this if you are a jailbreaker

UPDATE 2: iTunes 10.4 is now out

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  • Anonymous

    The Ultrasn0w site claims 10.3.1 is jailbreak-safe.

  • Girish

    i got iphone 4 4.1 is it safe to  upgrade to itunes 10.3.1.. will i be able to sync songs 

  • Rob

    Yes. Absolutely.

  • NothanksITUNEupdarte

    Its not safe, at least for me I have 3gs after that update my phone is no longer recognize by itunes 🙁 its a jailbreak iphone and I don’t want to reset it or update the phone through special itune recognizable setups, is there anyway for my phone to be recognize by itune again?

  • Rob

    You’re the first person to report this. The iPhone Dev Team have even said it’s safe to use so you must have another underlying issue rather than iTunes update.

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