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This is the first of a series of iPhone Applications we’re going to start to review on abouthere. To get things started we profer a quick review of a simple but very handy app: “Quick Taxi”


Quick Taxi is one of those apps you should keep on your iPhone for those times where you’re out and about and quickly need to grab a cab but don’t want to fork out oodles of cash ringing directory enquiry services.

How does it work

It takes the hassle out of searching Google or other providers yourself. Once installed, open the application, accept the prompt regarding your current location and you’ll quickly be displayed a list of all the cab companies within your area sorted by distance.

Details of cab firms sorted by distance from your location

Simply tap a cab firm you’re interested in and you’ll be presented with three options: Directions, Show Map and Call. The chances are, you’ll get most use out of the call feature; however I can see uses for directions and showing the cab firm on a map too.

Options after the cab listing

Cab firm location shown on map

Your copy



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Our rating

7 / 10 stars

Closing thought

Useful, functional, quick but nothing more.

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