iPhone 5? Sorry, not yet

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Apple’s 2011 Worldwide Developvers Conference (WWDC) saw the launch of a great deal of features and enhancements to the software that drives Apple’s product lines; however the one thing we didn’t see was any new hardware revealed. Whilst we weren’t expecting to see new Macs, MacBooks or other devices, historically we’ve seen new iPhones launched at the June WWDC event. Certainly, for the past six months the Internet has been awash with speculation about what specification the iPhone 5 will entail, something that will now continue to thrive until an assumed launch later this year, perhaps around September when the iPod Touch device is typically refreshed.

If you were holding out for that hardware upgrade then we’re sorry – you’re just going to have to wait that bit longer. Our advice though, is to capitalise on cheaper iPhone 4 hardware now and get in on the even number hardware refresh cycles. We say this because we’ve been less impressed with the odd number iPhones than the even ones. (We’re assuming you’re replacing your device every two years rather than annually. If annually, then we wish we had your cash!)

Are you disappointed the iPhone 5 wasn’t launched yesterday? When do you think we’ll see new hardware arrive?

  • Not impressed. I don’t mind a release in September, but was hoping to at least hear that it was coming (for sure). Pleased though that the 3GS will be supported in iOS5. At the moment I think I might stay with it till iPhone5 comes out, then if it’s not that good, I’ll look at getting iPhone 4 on a 12 month contract…when a new one comes out, I’m hoping iPhone 4 deals will be cheap!

  • Rob

    It’s great that the UK carriers have been forced into having to offer 12 month deals – I just hope they don’t make them prohibitively expensive so 18-24 is still the only viable offer on expensive smartphones.

  • yep. I’d say I expect them to price us out! I’m just hoping that when the iPhone 4 is effectively an obsolete model, 12 month plans might not be too bad.

  • In many ways I pleased there is no iPhone 4S update. I will be spared the problem of  wondering if I should update or not. I think we will see iPhone 5 launched in Tandem with the official relase of iOS 5. I hope that is the case as I suspect iOS 5 may be laggy on the current hardware.

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