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We already know that Apple have their WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) booked in for early June. It’s hotly anticipated that during the event Steve Jobs will officially show off the latest incarnation of the much loved iPhone. Some early indicators have suggested that we’ll see the new handset available to consumers from June 21st; this certainly fits the time-scales we’ve seen on previous iPhone launches over the past few years.  One question on many consumers lips right now is, “How much will the new iPhone cost?

The original iPhone (2G) is not going to supported by the upcoming new iPhone Operating System (OS4). It’s therefore fair to assume that when the 4th generation iPhone is released, we’ll see the 2nd generation (iPhone 3G) retired from active sales. Based upon this assumption, and a strong hope that Apple won’t keep increasing the prices of their product, I would expect the following handsets to be available and at the following price points*:

  • iPhone 3GS 16Gb £349 / $499
  • iPhone 3GS 32Gb £399 / $549
  • iPhone 4G/HD 32Gb £449 / $599
  • iPhone 4G/HD 64Gb £549 / $699

* Based on current figures for customers buying a handset outright for use with either their own sim or as part of a pay as you go scheme. No consideration taken for carrier specific offers or promotions

This places the 4th generation handsets at a price point that reflects the current UK/US cost of the 3GS.  The 3GS moving to the price of the 2nd generation iPhone 3G, with a new price point added for the 32Gb 3rd generation handset.

Of course, we’ll only know for certain how much the handsets will be once operators and Apple themselves release the relevant prices (most likely) next month.

How do you feel about these potential prices?  Are they way off or do they feel about right?  Share with us your views and insights below.

UPDATE: (7th June 2010) So the new iPhone 4 has been launched.  Information on the handset and prices can be found here

  • i nearly pooped myself there untill i realised thats the unsubsidised prices! 🙂

    im hoping the biggest models handset cost on an 18month contract is less than £200, mind you i might go for a 2 year contract that way i dont end up contracts ending out of whack with the iphone lifeycle, so i'll get the 4g miss the 5g and get the 6g 🙂

  • Rob

    Maybe I should have made the little asterisk bit of info a bit bigger?

    I am still considering the prospect of buying a handset outright (as an investment, much like I did with my iPhone 3G). I'll then pay O2 to unlock it so I can use the handset on a 30 day Vodafone contract so that I can take advantage of a much lower monthly tariff, and have the flexibility of moving providers as and when I feel like it. It also means I'm in a keen position to be able to get the 5th generation if I so wish and sell the 4th generation version come upgrade. This is all unless some amazing deal is available from Vodafone, because I am not averse to an 18 month contract and upgrading every other iPhone.

  • I'm on a 24 month contract and it's a good idea to go with the idea of alternate iphone versions. However, I'm not convinced that my phone will withstand 2 full years of use. It doesn't last a full day with decent use, so I will be looking to upgrade much sooner than 5G. Don't think I could afford to buy outright, though I do see the benefit!

  • Rob

    Based you your experiences of the handset now, would you take out Applecare on a future iPhone so you can get your won out batteries replaced for free, or would you consider the £55 battery replacement program instead?

  • Time to be totally honest…the what and the what!?
    I didn't look at Applecare, just kind of did everything through O2, so have some insurance there, not sure if that covers battery. And Battery Replacement plan…would need to look into it all.
    Google…here I come!

  • Rob

    Applecare = extended warranty on your Apple products. I'll be getting their 3 year cover on my MacBook Pro purchase since, with educationalist discount, it's just £45. Not sure on iPhone cover costs, but means you can have your iPhone parts covered for three years.

    Battery replacement is something that is new to me. You pay a fee, Apple replace the battery and give you three months warranty if your current warranty period is out.

  • Nah probably my fault was at work and probably didn't take everything

    I don't mind missing a gen in order that I cam ultimatley save money,
    I managed without the 3gs (mostly thanks to being jailbroken 🙂 ) and
    now looking forward to having all the new stuff like video recording
    (in good quality)

  • Dave Morgan

    I doubt if i would ever get a contract again, other than a sim only rolling 1 month deal…. O2 simplicity 20 is as good as a contract with no long term tie in. Don't forget the iphone apple care also covers you to screen replacements, a major hardware depreciator if u get unlucky.

  • Rob

    I have to agree. I'm really pleased with the 30 day deal I've got going on with Vodafone at the moment. The trouble will come when having to fork out all that cash for the handset in the first place. eBay here I come to sell off old tech I no longer need!

  • Amer El E l Sadat

    How i can buy i phone 4G 32 G ,and deliver to Egypt?

  • Rob

    They aren't available yet since they haven't been launched yet. You'll
    need to wait until June 2010 for the release.

  • Elattar Ahmed

    does the iphone 4G work in egypt and how can i buy the iphone

  • Rob

    I don't believe it has been released there yet but you could order from a country where it has (via sites like eBay). You'll pay a premium though for the privilege. There should be no reason why it wouldn't work with Egyptian carriers.

  • Elattar Ahmed

    thx rob , are you sure that the 4g will work here cuz the network here is 3G

  • Rob

    The g is for generation. It isn't a 4G network capable handset. Although even if it were, it would still work as they are backwards compatible.

    No worries and good luck with your purchase.

  • Good new for me!

  • Larisa

    Hi !!! I live in Russia !!! I buy Iphone4G-32gb in USA !!! Your will be laugtht ))))But i buy iphone in UK -1200 $ !!!))))I cant belive it !!!!!!))))))It was 09-08-11 ))))yesterday))))))

  • Larisa

    sorry error i sale iphone yesterday )))by 1200$ in UK !!!!!!!!!

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