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For me, Apple’s most hotly awaited event has not been the iPad launch, nor was it the news that the MacBook line was got another tech refresh.  It’s the launch of the fourth generation iPhone, which is set to be unveiled later today at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) during the keynote speech.

My current iPhone, 2nd generation 3G, is on it’s last legs.  I’m a heavy user and I’ve worn it out.  Whilst the device is still looking good, the battery inside it is shot having endured 14 months worth of my fingertips making it a work horse.  I was quite disappointed with the tech specs of the 3rd generation iPhone (3GS) when they were unveiled last year, but at the same time, delighted since I didn’t feel I was missing out (since I wasn’t in a position to upgrade).  With all the rumoured updates to the 4th generation iPhone whatever comes will be a huge upgrade and a delight in the hand.

Of course, one of the first things we’re going to learn is the new iPhone’s name.  It can’t possible get as much of a laughter stock name as the iPad did when we learnt of Apple’s choice of name for their tablet device.  The two anticipated possibilities are iPhone 4G or iPhone HD.  Both, in all honesty, aren’t really appropriate.  It won’t be an HD device unless the screen resolution meets or exceeds certain specifications and the name ‘4G’ suggests a device that is capable of utilising 4G networks (which is entirely possible, but not widely mentioned on any rumour site thus far).

The keynote speech is expected to start 12:45PM Eastern/9:45AM Pacific/5:45PM UK.  There’s never any form of live video or audio coverage from the event since Apple forbids it.  Instead, anyone wanting fast and up to the minute information is going to need to turn to any number of live blogs or, in most cases, Twitter!

Other rumoured announcements for this year’s WWDC include: Safari 5, a 27-inch LED Cinema Display and upgrades to the Mac mini and Mac Pro.

I can’t help but wonder where Gizmodo will be getting their news from since they haven’t been invited to attend this year’s WWDC following their controversial breaking of images and video of a ‘lost’ prototype 4th gen iPhone earlier this year.  How will you be getting your news from today’s momentous event?

UPDATE: WWDC has now been an gone – my what a speech!  Here are the details of the new iPhone 4.

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