Apple’s WWDC keynote yesterday saw iOS 6 being unveiled to the world. There were a number of feature showcased as well as key improvements and changes to the portable operating system Apple’s iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches run.


It’s coming to iPad, has various new features including Twitter / Facebook abilities, sports data, OpenTable access and Rotten Tomatoes content as well as new languages and more.

Phone app

Toggles allowed to set Do No Disturb mode including custom auto reply text messages. Ability to make FaceTime calls over mobile networks announced.

Maps update

It’s a pretty big deal. Apple have ditched Google for their maps and gone to TomTom, adding turn by turn and loads of other extras.


Like its cousin, Twitter, Facebook will finally be integrated into iOS 6.

App Store

Redesigned and cleaned up for iOS to make snappier and easier to navigate. Like the StayOpened jailbreak tweak – the store no longer closes to download an application.

Mobile Safari

It’ll keep your tabs in sync between devices (Mac OS and iOS) and allow the saving of web pages to view offline.


VIP functionality is here. You can set a priority inbox for people you want to see messages from broken out into a separate area. Attaching of videos of photos from within the app is now also possible.

Photo streams

You can now share photo streams with other people. They don’t even need to have an Apple device themselves.

And the rest…

These are just a handful of features. More will be revealed and uncovered as iOS 6 makes its way through the beta process. If you’re a developer then beta 1 is available to download now. Us regular Joes will have to wait until Autumn until we get the final release of iOS 6 and perhaps a new iPhone.

Are you excited by what’s coming or disappointed with the line up? Please do let us know in the comment section below.

Photo credit: Search Influence (Flickr)

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