Photo credit: paulofierro (Flickr)

iOS 6 was a given for this year’s WWDC keynote following most of the banners inside the Moscone Centre being left uncovered ahead of the event. Apple have made the first beta available to download, but it’s limited to developers only at this time. If you have a developer account then log into your dev centre and start your download!

What does this mean exactly?

Simply put, if you register with Apple as a developer you’ll pay them an annual fee for the privilege and in return they give access to all of their beta downloads. You are required to register your device’s UDID with Apple to enable installations to work; furthermore Apple require you to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) which specifically prevents you from sharing anything you know about the product with anyone not also under the same NDA.

There are sites out there offering the download without a dev account – we’d advise you steer clear of them because unless you’ve had your iOS device registered with Apple’s Dev programme, any beta firmware will refuse to install anyway. Any dev found adding non-dev devices to their account are likely to have their account closed without notice.

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