iPhone 4

Photo credit: Simon Wicks (Flickr)

Ever since Rock was acquired by Cydia there have been many positive influences and changes by Saurik and Chpwn to the iOS jailbreak installation toolset.  Cydia’s speed and performance have been keen topics of contention within the jailbreaking scene for many years.  In the past week there’s been an huge update to Cydia which will have every Cydia user delighted, in particular those users of older handsets like the 3Gs and 3G iPhones.  If you’ve jailbroken your iOS 4.2.x device using a recent redsn0w release (December 2010) then the chances are you’re already running and enjoying the latest version.  Sadly there isn’t a way to update Cydia from within the tool itself, but by following a few simple steps you too can be up and running with the latest version and enjoy the improvements too.

The new Cydia is version 1.0.3366-1.  The last version was 1.0.3222-73.  Before proceeding, you’ll want to check you aren’t running the new version already by opening Cydia, waiting for it to refresh, then scroll right to the bottom of the screen to see your version number.

You’ll need two things before you can proceed:

  1. A copy of iPhone Explorer (or some other tool to FTP into your iPhone)
  2. A copy of the updated Cydia .deb file

Got them downloaded and iPhone Explorer installed?  Great – let’s do this!

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer and open the file system using iPhone Explorer
  • Browse to the folder /private/var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall (If you don’t have the Cydia or AutoInstall folders, then you just need to create them. These are case sensitive!)
  • Drag and drop the cydia_1.0.3366-1_iphoneos-arm.deb file that you downloaded into the AutoInstall folder
  • Fully reboot your iPhone (Press and hold both the sleep and home buttons until an Apple logo is displayed)

When you next open Cydia you’ll have the new version installed.  Enjoy!

Please note – this may or may not work on 3.x firmware which is why we’ve suggested you ONLY install it on 4.x firmware.  It is not limited to the 4.2.x firmware – I personally am running it on iOS 4.1 (on an iPhone 4).  One of the many improvements of this new Cydia is support of iOS 4.2.x APIs.

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