The history of jailbreaking: An interview with Saurik

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Monday, 27th July 2010 was a momentous day for iPhone jailbreakers and sim unlockers residing within the USA.  The US Government ruled that jailbreaking and sim unlocking an iPhone is completely legal.  Prior to this, whilst it wasn’t (to the best of people’s knowledge) illegal, there were some states that supported Apple’s claim that the process invalidated any warranty; something Apple will now have a very hard time upholding.  It’ll be interesting to see how this relates to the rest of the world over time and if Apple will be forced to provide it’s users with a process by which to unlock their devices.

I previously included a detailed description of what a jailbreak is within a post where I made recommendations about which jailbroken applications to get.  What I didn’t cover was the history of jailbreaking.  Below are two YouTube videos.  They are of a radio interview with the creator of Cydia and various jailbroken applications, Jay Freeman aka Saurik.  It’s essential viewing for anyone wishing to understand more about the scene.

Part 1

Part 2

Does this make things clearer, or were you already aware of all this glorious history?

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