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This was quite an interesting problem to solve – I had a call from a friend who recently got a Mac Mini, Apple wireless keyboard and an Apple trackpad. When they booted to their login screen or locked the Mac / it auto locked following screensaver being active, the trackpad wouldn’t acknowledge them clicking anywhere on the screen. For reasons best known only to Apple, they have disabled clicking on the login screen when using a trackpad! It’s not insurmountable thankfully – here’s how to enable that functionality:

Login using the keyboard (arrow keys, enter and so on) then open up Terminal and enter the appropriate command for your trackpad.

For old trackpads (tested on Snow Leopard):

sudo defaults write -g -int 1

For multi-touch trackpads (tested on Snow Leopard & Lion):

sudo defaults write Clicking -int 1

That’s it, you should find the trackpad will let you click on the login screen as desired.

Source: (MacRumours Forum)

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