When iOS 5 was launched last year there were lots of questions asked about why Facebook wasn’t deeply integrated into the firmware in much the same way as Twitter was. Apple is tight-lipped at the best of times, and the reasons why it didn’t make the cut have never been revealed publicly. Fans of Facebook will be pleased to know that iOS 6 will feature Facebook integration and much like its Twitter cousin, it’s deeply integrated.

How will we use it?

You will be able to update your status or upload a picture directly from the base operating system rather than having to fire up the (awful) Facebook iOS application. Notification Centre will, as part of its own update, get two buttons; one to create a new tweet and another to compose a new Facebook status.

How deep does the rabbit hole go?

To the delight of third-party application developers, Apple is allowing access to the Facebook API. This means they will be able to directly interact with the Facebook platform without approval screens (which typically took you outside of the application to Facebook and then back in again). iTunes and Apple’s Game Centre are also going to get Facebook hooks so you’ll be able to like and share your favourite content.

But privacy controls…

Haters may rejoice. Whilst the platform will directly allow access to all your contacts and calendars so that Facebook can suck them all up into their eco system, it is easy to lock down such behaviour through system preferences toggles.

Are you happy to see Facebook being integrated into iOS or is something you’d rather Apple kept out of the operating system?

Photo credit: afagen (Flickr)

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