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In less than a couple of hours Steve Jobs will stand before a packed room and deliver to many of the world’s journalists, bloggers and fan boys (oh and the odd developer too) this year’s WWDC keynote speech. The Internet is awash of expectation, rumour and idle chatterings about what we can expect to be revealed. Here’s what I’m hoping for:

OS X Lion launch

We all know that Lion is due to ship later this year. Whilst I’m in no desperate rush to have the OS launched before it’s ready, it would be nice to rebuild my MacBook from scratch and whilst doing so to drop a shiny new operating system on it too. My first experience of Mac OS was Snow Leopard, so the launch of a new OS will be my first venture into desktop changes in the Apple world.

iOS 5

My iPhone 4 is struggling. It’s loaded with jailbreak applications and regular App Store content. Like my MacBook before it, it’s dying to be rebuilt from scratch. An improved notification system, smoother running and a refined springboard would tick several boxes for me and reduce my need to grab so many tweaks from Cydia. (It’d be hard pushed to stop me from jailbreaking altogether though!)


We know iCloud is coming but no one really knows what it is. Given my iTunes library is over 1Tb in size I’d love for iCloud to mimic my home library so I can stream content from any location rather than have to pick and choose which content I sync. I’m more than sure it’s not going to be this, but an overhaul to the now quite tired MobileMe service. Perhaps with a file system that syncs between multiple devices therefore encouraging users to make use of apps like Pages, Numbers and Keynote across said devices fluidly since their data would be stored on remote web servers (with optional local caches allowing offline editing).

iPhone 5

Despite the usual June announcement of Apple’s iPhones I have serious doubt that we’ll see a new handset just yet. Perhaps a sneak glimpse but if Apple’s history is anything to go by, there are usually no hardware announcements until the product is finished and ready for shipping. Instead, I feel a September launch is most likely for the next generation handset bringing it’s refresh cycle to the same historical timeslot as the iTouch range.

UPDATE (16:55 UK Time)

The mention of OTA (Over The Air) updates worries me somewhat if it’s to do with the firmware of the devices since I jailbreak and don’t want it messed with unless I choose to do so. Naturally the jailbreak community would disable such functionality, but it does bring Apple one step closer to being able to lock down your unit if they so chose remotely. (Beyond the realms of their ability to do so already via the Find My iPhone techn).

Your thoughts?

With less than 90 minutes to go to the keynote, what do you hope for and expect to see?

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