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I’ve been lusting after a MacBook Pro for nearly a year.  Last night I finally convinced my better half to agree to my getting one.  There are some steps involved in my being able to order or go pick one up immediately, but my ownership is so much closer than ever before.

Other than the Apple Newton and my iPhone, I’m pretty much an Apple noob.  Its scary how little I know about the platform given my extended Microsoft experience and knowledge.  This said, I’m a technical sponge and as such have already, excitedly been looking to see what accessories I need to purchase (Magic Mouse, Case, Carbon cover) and more importantly, what applications I need to buy or download.

As part of this quest to find what applications and software I need to get, I tweeted out looking for suggestions.  The below list is a combination of suggestions that people tweeted back as well as some I’ve found for myself:

EDIT 05/05/10

Since I originally put this post out there I’ve had some great responses.  Here are the additional suggestions so far:

I’m keen to hear from others with regards to what applications you’d recommend or suggest please. Perhaps there are applications listed that you’d advise I steer clear of.  Either which way, please feel free to place your comments below.

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