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A few weeks ago now, Rob posted the results of our individual 7 day food diaries in which we had both religiously recorded all food and drink which we had consumed over 7 days.  Upon reading the results, I think the most obvious thing which struck me was how boring my weekly diet is!  Rob’s on the other hand seems much more varied.   I did actually say in my first post that I was worried about coming across as a bit of a loony and I think I may just have done that!  However, to me, fitness and healthy eating go hand in hand; I refer back to my golden rule of ‘80% good, 20% bad’ because it is a given that no one can eat healthy food 100% of the time, so why set yourself up for failure by making up an unrealistic goal.

Rob says in his post that quantity is his greatest issue when it comes to food and I think that is a fair comment for most people, whether a person eats too much or not enough.  I accept that I could eat more and probably not put on weight on, especially with the amount of training I do but I’m a creature of habit!  I look forward to my summer holiday which is my annual downtime.  I purposely do no exercise at all for a week (apart from the odd game of beach volleyball and a spot of swimming) and I’m currently on the big countdown for this year’s break which means my diet at the moment is very strict.

I admit, I do perhaps keep too much of a watchful eye on what I eat and there are days when I should eat more, but the simply truth is I believe your body is like a bank account, if you invest in it right, then you will reap the rewards in later life….and it makes those Mediterranean holidays filled with bread, olives and sangria all the more enjoyable!

Comment from Rob: My sincerest of apologies to Caroline.  She sent this post’s content to me ages ago and what with server moves and other stuff, I forgot to post it.  Better late than never!

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