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All photography and imagery used on this site falls under the following categories:

  • Purchased from stock image companies
  • Downloaded from and reproduced from royalty free stock image companies (with credits where appropraite)
  • Produced ourselves
  • Produced by others and given to us directly with permission to reproduce

In the unlikely event that content on this site falls outside of this criteria we ask that the appropriate copyright holder please contact us using our contact page so we can rectify any such situation immediately.  We would be deeply upset if we found this to have occured since we make painstaking efforts to ensure all content is used suitably.

Specific photo credits

New site announcement (Lego figure with Macbook) is Creative Commons by Flickr user: mr.5/4™

Fail imagine is Creative Commons by Flickr user: (e)Spry

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We’d like to thank everyone who makes running this site possible and so much fun.  Those that inspire us to write and give feedback / critic to make us better; without you we’d never have evolved the site to what you see before you today.  And, of course, thank you to you, our reader!  Please enjoy the site and comment where ever you feel the urge.

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