Thanks to @sammio2 for this tip off. We’d not seen the tweet by MuscleNerd just yet, but it would appear that the iPhone dev team have managed to jailbreak iOS 5 on an iPhone 4 already

Here’s MuscleNerd’s tweet confirming the jailbreak.

[blackbirdpie id=”78032693262168064″]

Of course, we aren’t surprised that they’ve managed to do this; it’s refreshing to see that they’ve managed to do it so soon after the iOS 5 beta releases.

Anyone wanting to know how they can get their hands on the jailbreak can beg the dev team all they like. There’s zero chance of them releasing the details until iOS 5 goes gold and is released to the world later this year. (Autumn/Fall).

[Image credits @MuscleNerd (TwitPic)]

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