How to: Fix random MacBook keys not working

MacBook Pro Keyboard

I have and regularly use a MacBook Pro that hails from 2010. It feels so long ago, but yet the hardware functions so brilliantly well despite it’s age. This is something I seriously doubt I could say about a Windows-based laptop given that I’ve known friends have three laptops in the time I’ve had this… Read more »


How to: Fix OS X Dock randomly moving between screens

The Mac OS dock is a thing of beauty. It’s look and feel have been recreated on various other devices, even as a tool (Rocketdock) for Windows.

Under OS X Mavericks I recently found a minor frustration with the dock though. It appeared to randomly keep switching which of my two monitors it would call home.

I couldn’t put my finger as to why, nor could I find a way to re-create the problem. It just happened and the only way I found to put it back where I wanted it was to reboot.


How to: Fix Error 36 on Mac OS X when accessing Windows 7 shares


Macs are getting ever more popular. This year Apple have taken a big chunk of the PC market but given the rise of multiple devices in homes catering for either multiple users or to provide media centres with content, people are hanging on to their PCs to act as file servers or repositories. The newer OS X releases are thankfully able to read and write to Windows Operating Systems via the SMB protocol but it can often be a painful experience getting things to work reliably.


Comparing total cost of ownership on iPhones really left me surprised

I’m getting ready to upgrade my iPhone 4 16Gb to the not-yet-not-announced-but-seemingly-leaked-everywhere sixth generation iPhone. I was surprised by this, but I had assumed (seemingly wrongly) that buying a phone outright would be cheaper than getting a contract with a mobile provider.


Apple to unify your AppleID with your mobile number

Since iMessage and FaceTime arrived on our iOS devices many users have experienced frustration with the caller ID element of the provision. In a nutshell, it is possible to use either a mobile number (sorry US readers, I’m referring to a cell phones here) or an email address to identify yourself as the sender / caller within iMessage / FaceTime. For me I really like that I can choose how I appear to others within that “CallerID” element. As an example, I have contacts who I’m happy to exchange iMessages with, however I don’t particulalry want them having my mobile number.


Retina MacBook Pro no longer a pipedream

The Retina MacBook Pro has been speculated ever since the new iPad was launched earlier this year. Tim Cook teased the audience at this year’s WWDC keynote when it put up refreshed specifications for the current MacBook Pro line and then suggested he needed to make room on the slide for something else. That something else was a new line of MacBook Pro’s which were hotly anticipaetd and pretty much guaranteed following Apple authorising “Retina ready” applications into the Mac App Store just a few days earlier.


iOS 6 is packed with new features

Apple’s WWDC keynote yesterday saw iOS 6 being unveiled to the world. There were a number of feature showcased as well as key improvements and changes to the portable operating system Apple’s iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches run.


MuscleNerd confirms iOS 6 can be jailbroken

It will come as no surprise that devoted jailbreak dev MuscleNerd has successfully jailbroken iOS 6. Using an iPod Touch running the iOS 6 beta 1 firmware, he has managed to jailbreak the device albeit in a tethered manner and in no way suitable a format to run Cydia or make available for a public released.


Siri overhauled and coming to the iPad

One of the key elements of Apple’s WWDC keynote was making a big deal about the improvements made to Siri. We’ll look at those improvements in a moment but not before we’ve touched on the delicious news that Apple will make Siri available to the iPad in iOS 6.


FaceTime over 3G / 4G now a reality

FaceTime was touted as one of Apple’s big iOS features when they released the iPhone 4. There’s no doubt that it’s been hugely popular but we’re doubtful it’s as popular as Apple perhaps hoped it would be. Part of this may well be down to Apple preventing users from making / receiving FaceTime calls unless they were connected to a WiFi network. iOS 6 will change this and allow users to use the FaceTime service over their 3G or even 4G carrier service.