Are Apple products worth their price tag?


Compared to many, I am still a relatively new Apple consumer – I purchased my iPhone 3G in early 2009. (I don’t feel it’s fair to count the Apple Newton I owned many years earlier!)


How to: Secure your World of Warcraft account

Mobile authenticator

You love to play World of Warcraft, but one day you go to log in but you can’t get in. For some reason your password just doesn’t work. Your WoW friends report you’ve been a bit weird lately, perhaps you’ve been ninja’ing stuff from the Guild Vault or been rude in guild chat? You’ve been hacked.


What did I used to do with my time before parenthood?

Holding hands

I’m sure there isn’t a parent out there that hasn’t asked themselves the question, “What did I used to do with my time before parenthood?” Personally, I’ve been a Father for a little over two years – I don’t really remember what I used to do with evenings and weekends.