Is Apple’s iOS 4.1 a lame duck?

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As a jailbreaker I stayed away from iOS 4.1 for as long as possible. Last weekend’s launch of GeoHot’s limera1n and the subsequent Chronic Dev Team’s greenpois0n release opened up the possibilty to finally update from the 4.0.1 original firmware my iPhone 4 shipped with. 4.1 was Apple’s first major update release to their 4th generation iOS platform; with extra features (HDR), stability fixes and some security holes being closed it looks, on the surface to be a no brainer update. It’s two days since I updated my iPhone 4 to 4.1and I’m giving serious consideration to downgrading to 4.0.1 again.

I’m really disappointed with the update. It’s left me with appalling battery life (I’m charging the handset at lunchtime!), applications that crash all the time, and a sense of astonishment given that when I used to hard reboot my iPhone it would kill any open applications. Not any more, anything that’s open on my iPhone before I reboot it is still backgrounding when it comes back up again. I want a clean boot up when I hard reboot like it used to be!

Initially, I thought that the poor performance and unstable platform could be down to my having jailbroken the handset however after having polled my followers on Twitter I’ve found I’m not alone. Several people have reported to me the same issues I’m experiencing and some of them aren’t jailbroken.

I have to ask the question, did Apple released 4.1 too early? Is it the lame duck of their iOS releases and does this mean we’ll see either an update to it quickly, or 4.2 brought forward for all devices and not just the iPad? (November release anticipated at the moment)

Are you experiencing issues with your iOS 4.1 device? If so, please share with us the symptoms. I’m interested to know if you are jailbroken, and if so, what jailbreak method did you use?

  • No problems here other than the backgrounded app icons do indeed remain in the dock when hard rebooting. That seems to point to a hard reboot no longer fully clearing the RAM or indeed recycling the RAM.
    I have niot noticed battery life being any worse, but then I do tend to charge my phone on a daily basis anyway. I have noticed that my wifi performance has greatly improved and no longer drops out or slows to a crawl. I am having some 3G issues and now I routinely power cycle the iPhone before turning on 3G to be sure it connects, but that may be just my paranoia!

  • Rob

    I charge my handset overnight, but given I tend to leave it unlocked and use the iPod functionality during the day, read tweets and send/reply to SMS frequently I find the battery used to be heading towards the 20% marker around 3-4pm. With iOS 4.1 installed I'm hitting 10% at midday!

    Funny you should mention WiFi. I've had several occasions where I haven't been able to connect to my wireless networks until I've hard rebooted the device, and on one occasion, the routers as well! 3G service has been flakier than normal, I've been finding myself dropping over to 2G only in order to prevent dropping of calls.

  • Tri

    Upgrading my 2g iPod touch from 3.1.3 to 4.1 has rendered it depressingly unstable. Stalwarts like Osfooora and Reeder crash a lot now. Even worse are the now-frequent entire device crashes and the long wait that ensues until the device reboots itself. Pathetic. Oh yeah, very few Backgrounder task managers work under 4.1. I may downgrade to 4.02 if that’s possible. A stable, jailbreakable 4.2 is my dream.

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