Since iMessage and FaceTime arrived on our iOS devices many users have experienced frustration with the caller ID element of the provision. In a nutshell, it is possible to use either a mobile number (sorry US readers, I’m referring to a cell phones here) or an email address to identify yourself as the sender / caller within iMessage / FaceTime. For me I really like that I can choose how I appear to others within that “CallerID” element. As an example, I have contacts who I’m happy to exchange iMessages with, however I don’t particularly want them having my mobile number.

The frustrating part of the service is that some people will contact you using your specified email address, and other will use your mobile phone number. This leads to a disjointed iMessage inbox with messages split out from their corresponding conversation threads. Furthermore, if you use iMessage on a Mac or an iOS device that doesn’t have a cellular phone number (e.g. iPod Touch or a WiFi iPad), your messages won’t all synchronise across devices. Thankfully Apple has a solution in mind.

When iOS 6 is released Apple intend to give users the ability to unify their AppleID with their mobile number. This will prevent the disjointed message inbox and greatly improve the experience. Quite how it will work we’re not sure. One problem we foresee with the service is when you change mobile number, how do you expire the old number?

What do you think? Are you pleased to see Apple making this move?

Photo credit: JuditK (Flickr)

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